One Another

“Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ” (Galatians 6:2).
The Apostle Paul wrote to those who were the recipients of God’s grace in Galatia and instructed them on the responsibility that was theirs to one another in the church fellowship. They not only had a responsibility for one another, but they had the God-given ability to help one another.
The same is true for us. The grace of God humbles us and prepares us to help others who bear a burden too heavy to carry alone. By His grace, we can reach out to those around us who are under the burden of a great weight and help lighten the intolerable burden of such. No one should ever be alone in the family of God with a burden too heavy for them to bear alone.
Writer Sandy Snavely shared how one day she was walking across the pedestrian lane on the Ross Island Bridge in Portland when she passed a homeless man and his dog. The man was unshaved, disheveled, had long hair, and wore an old, camouflaged army jacket, trousers and military boots. His backpack was packed heavily, pulling his shoulders forward.
Evidently, this would not be an unusual scene in this spot. What captured her attention was the big, old and obviously loyal black Labrador that walked alongside the homeless man. He carried a backpack, too. It had two canvas pouches that were well balanced on each side of the chest. The writer pointed out that the man and his dog perfectly served to illustrate the deep longing we all have in our hearts to have someone by our side whose love is unconditional and uncompromising, who refuses to judge unfairly the burden that we carry, but instead comes alongside and shoulders the load.
This picture of walking alongside another, lovingly and loyally, is what we must be to one another in the church family. We’re Family! May God’s grace enable us to care for one another and be there for one another when burdens are too heavy to bear alone.
Devotedly yours,
Pastor Ron

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