Thinking About Jesus

This past Sunday I shared the message, Jesus is Savior and Lord.  Quite frankly, I love to talk about Jesus! In addition, I like to read what others, like the Apostle John, have said about Jesus: “The One who comes from above is above all…” (John 3:31). He is right about that! Jesus Christ ranks above all who have ever lived. There is no greater person—no one even comes close! When you consider His impeccable character, wonderful teachings, marvelous miracles, life-changing relationships, sacrificial mission, victorious resurrection and unparalleled accomplishments—there is no comparison between Jesus and anyone else! There have been many great men and women whose lives have made a positive impact upon this world. But the greatest among them does not hold a candle to the glowing brilliance of Jesus’ life. He is like a mountain towering above them all. There is no one else like Jesus!
I love to think about and study the life of Jesus from the gospels. It is a joyous experience to walk with Him along the grassy hillsides of Galilee and the countryside of Judea, to sail with Him across the Sea of Galilee, to watch Him touch lives and perform life-changing miracles, to stand with Him in the temple, to listen to Him with the disciples as He shares the words of life, to follow Him as He enters the Garden of Gethsemane, to linger with Him among the olive trees as He prays, to observe Him as He endures the betrayal of a disciple and denial of a friend, to gaze upon Him as He climbs Golgotha and then dies for us upon the cross of Calvary, and then to run to the empty tomb with the disciples and celebrate with Him as risen Lord!
I pray today that I, along with you, will never grow weary of thinking about Jesus. Let’s determine to keep our focus on Jesus, so that we will know Him better, follow Him closer, and love Him greater!
Devotedly yours,
 Pastor Ron

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