Shout Hallelujah

I read the story about a soldier who went off to war while his family awaited his return for the longest time. Finally, they received word of his return, safe and sound, to the U.S. They were overjoyed with excitement! On the day of his arrival home, extended family members and close friends gathered at his house to welcome him home. They were not clear on how he was going to arrive. Some thought it was by bus, others by train, others by plane, still others by automobile. Strangely, they got into a bit of an argument as to who was right. The conversation became so loud and animated that they actually missed the ring of the doorbell and the arrival of their soldier/hero loved one as he stood at the front door for a while unnoticed and ungreeted.

We do not want to be like those people. This Sunday will be the last sermon in my Revelation Series. Frankly, I may not have gotten every detail right in this series over the last few months and, if so, I am sure you will remind me one day in heaven. J  But I will tell you what I told you at the beginning of this series: Jesus is the hero of Revelation and Jesus is coming again one day in all His glory. On that day we will welcome our hero—our Lord & Savior! That part I have gotten right for sure and hopefully it is something you have understood. If so, then the very thought of our hero Jesus returning one day (perhaps soon) should make us all want to shout: HALLELUJAH! Can I get an AMEN!

Devotedly yours,
Pastor Ron

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