A Great Way To Start The Day
by Noah Hefley on August 12th, 2023
It has been my custom for two decades now to begin many days, if not most, with a particular verse of scripture. This delicious morsel of truth has nourished me and energized me, like a power breakfast, to start the day. Here it is:“This is the day the LORD has made; We will rejoice and be glad in it” (NKJV).The psalmist seems to be inviting us to realize that today is a gift from God. The same Go...  Read More
A Secret to Share
by Dr. Ron Harvey on August 5th, 2023
eHomily by Pastor RonWe all have giants in our life, don’t we? You may be facing one now. It begs the question: Where can we find the strength to conquer our giants? I like the answers and have found solace in the words of Psalm 91. Here the writer describes how he found protection and power in the face of danger. In his words: “He who dwells in the secret place (shelter) of the Most High will res...  Read More
Trust and Obey
by Dr. Ron Harvey on July 29th, 2023
eHomily by Pastor Ron Several years ago, an aircraft departed from a western U.S. airbase. During a preliminary attempt at take-off, they were forced to abort the take-off. In the failure of take-off, the navigational instruments were damaged and, unknown to the navigator, began to malfunction. The plane taxied around and for a second time attempted a take-off, this time successfully. However, thei...  Read More
A Better Life
by Dr. Ron Harvey on July 22nd, 2023
eHomily by Pastor Ron There is an ancient legend about two friends walking across a desert wilderness. They began to argue and one of the men slapped the other. The man who had been slapped didn’t strike back. Instead, he wrote these words in the sand: Today my friend hurt me. A couple of days later, they were in mountainous terrain and one friend slipped, fell, and was hanging onto a ledge. The s...  Read More
True Humility
by Dr. Ron Harvey on July 15th, 2023
eHomily by Pastor Ron This past Sunday we studied Jacob, the man who wrestled with God, and how he learned the valuable life lesson of humility. This is an important lesson for us all. However, as D.L. Moody once said: “There’s no lesson harder to learn than humility.” In the days before electronic media, it was possible for public figures to escape recognition as they intermingled with the public...  Read More
God Will Give You Strength
by Dr. Ron Harvey on July 8th, 2023
eHomily by Pastor RonIn the Arabian Nights, Sinbad the Sailor warns his shipmates about a great magnetic rock in the Indian Ocean that would draw all the nails and bolts out of passing ships. The ships would then collapse and sink. In our own world, there is the draw of temptations and the pull of storms which threaten to sink us but the Lord is the one who will sustain us. He is the one who holds...  Read More