From the desk of Dr. Ron Harvey

Dear Friends, 

These are challenging days in which long-held values are questioned and sacred beliefs discarded like never before.  The times in which we live call for great wisdom as to what is morally right.  What is the mind of Christ on certain ethical issues and contemporary concerns?  You will find in this section websites connecting you with insightful perspectives and colorful commentary on troubling issues of our day.  You will discover here helpful articles, based in the truth of scripture, which provide you the tools you need to understand and take a stand on issues related to religious liberty and moral concerns.  May God give us understanding of His will and obedience to His ways!

Devotedly your Pastor,



Religious Liberty & Moral Concerns

Make America Godly Again!

Hobby Lobby and Religious Liberty

Boston Marathon Bombing

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Post Modern Thinking

Prayer for the Nation by Rev. Joe White 

The Strength of Any Nation

Liberty & Morality

Religious Expression & Chick-fil-A

Patriotism & Voting

What Price Freedom by Paul Harvey


Informational/Useful Websites

The Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission (Southern Baptist Convention)

Albert Mohler

American Center for Law & Justice

Family Research Council

Life Site News

David Barton's Wallbuilders

The Heritage Foundation

Liberty Counsel

Alliance Defending Freedom